Meet The Bratz Team

Kevyn Rice 

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Hi.. I'm Kevyn,18 year old Freshman student at SC State University majoring in Speech Pathology with a minor in Business. I was recently awarded the title of Miss Batiste Hall this Fall and was acceptable into our Leadership program. I love hanging with my friends, listening to music and learning new things. 

I manage our Sales and Promotion department . 

" I want to influence more young adults to chase their dreams, anything is possible" 

Tatyana Rice 

    Hi.. I'm Tati,  a 16 year old High School Junior. I am a Honors & AP student. I love listening to music, shopping and fashion designing. My favorite subject is math and my favorite color is black. I am the business manager and web developer. 

    "I want to attend college for engineering and continue running our business"

    Keyess Rice 

      Hi.. I'm Key,  a 15 year old High School Sophomore. I enjoy school but I'm over it (lol). I love listening to music, watching SVU, cooking  and making body care products. My favorite subject is history and my favorite color is yellow. I am the logistics manager and mixologist. 

      "I am really unsure about what I want to do after school but for right now, I'm carrying the business"