BRATZ Lash Wash is designed for dual use by lash professionals for cleaning natural lashes as a part of preparations for eyelash extension service and consumers for cleaning lash strips or extensions as a part of aftercare routines and eye make-up removal. Clean natural lashes are crucial for adhesion and retention, while your strips need regular washing for hygiene considerations and maintain overall fabulous and long lasting mink strips. The shampoo effectively removes make-up in the eye area and is safe for extensions.Great to use in cosmetic washing machine to clean lashes. Includes: Lash Wand Mild Formula:✔ OIL FREE✔ Color free ✔ Ethylene Oxide free ✔ Betaine free ✔ Paraben free ✔ Alkyl sulfate free ✔ Polyquaternium free ✔ Fragrance freeBRATZ  LASH WASH is Vegan and Cruelty freeHome use instruction: Apply small amount of shampoo on the brush or finger by pressing on the foaming pump head (Or place a small amount 1-2 squeezes into the cosmetic washing machine, with 1/3 water, and start) If cleaning manually Dab it on the lashes along the lash line Work the brush up and down along the lashes in gentle movements Rinse it off with water Gently brush lashes with a clean lash wand/brush Use 2-3 times a week to clean extensions or as needed. It can be used on daily basis. 

Lash Shampoo

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